Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Online Autism workshop for parents and carers. We introduce you to autism and help you learn the skills necessary to support your child’s development.

Workshop Objectives

Build Knowledge

To help parents and carers understand Autism better and apply best practices to support their children on a daily basis.​

Learn Skills

To help parents and carers learn various techniques to manage and support the development of their children with Autism.

Support Your Child

To help develop an understanding of various therapeutic support their children may be receiving, so parents can contribute to the medical efforts.

About the Workshop

This online workshop is designed for parents and carers of young children (aged 0 – 7) who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or who are currently undergoing a diagnosis. We will help you improve your understanding of Autism and help you better support your child.

Autism has no specific known cause and treatment. However, research suggests that a holistic therapeutic approach with family support is a must. We will work with you to teach you how you can support the development and effective management of Autism Conditions in your child.

You’ll learn about the best practices as well as receive practical tips on how to manage the day to day needs of your child. We will discuss how to support therapy while promoting independence.

We also promote positive relationships amongst parents and the Autism community. Parents who attend our workshops often find it very empowering to share their experiences with others.

Topics covered

Training fee

There are three options to pay for the workshops. Depending on your situation and funding eligibility, you may choose one of the following options. Our team will discuss the payment option during the enrolment. We have priced these sessions to encourage uptake as we believe everyone should be given an equal opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to better look after their loved ones.


NDIS 10 Sessions


$ 550 10 sessions


$ 130 Per Session

Frequently asked questions

This online workshop is designed for parents and carers of young children (aged 0 – 7) who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or who are currently undergoing a diagnosis.

This training will be delivered online. We use Zoom and Microsoft Teams online meetings to deliver the workshop. Once you enrol and pay, we’ll send you the class details.

Please note this is a group workshop. The class size will be kept at a maximum of 10 people. If you wish to attend in a smaller group, please contact us and we will organise a tailored session for you.

In most cases, training for parents and carers can be claimed through your child’s NDIS funding. Depending on how the funding is managed, one of the following may apply to you.

Self-managed: This training is designed to help you better care for your child. Which will in turn assist your child reach their goals and build capacity. Therefore, your workshop fee can be claimed from the Capacity Building funding category (if funding is available).

Plan Managed: Your plan manager can pay via applicable support categories below that have funds available. Please contact your plan manager if you have one.

NDIS Managed: Our organisation currently doesn’t take clients that are NDIS managed. If you wish to attend the course, please explore a self-funded option.

You’ll be asked what payment method are you going to be using during the onboarding process. NDIS funded clients will be invoiced using the current price guide.

If you are not sure, please upload the approved NDIS plan document during registration and we’ll let you know.

We recommend that you attend all sessions to get the best value. However, if you wish, you can take part in only selected modules, please organise that with our office.

Our trainer can supply selected PDF and other resources used during the training upon request.

Please register yourself, and we’ll contact you to organise payment as well as discuss the next workshop start date.

There are two types of packages available. Please note, this is a group workshop and we ask you to keep an open mind and respect others.

  • Full workshop: You’ll enrol in a 10 weeks workshop (maximum 2 hours per week) that runs each Sunday at 5 pm. This is to allow everyone who works during the week and may not have time to attend these types of enablement training.
  • Individual modules: You can sign up for a few modules and join the individual session. We may also organise one-on-one sessions if possible.

We provide supports under Core Support and Capacity Building Support groups. Our qualified and skilled team members will help you with various daily living and improved living activities.

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Autism workshop registration form

As a workshop attendee, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Tell us about your child, whom you are supporting. This information will help our facilitator prepare a lesson accordingly.
Tell us if you are linked with and accessing other early intervention services. Also, please provide details about your child's NDIS fund should you wish to utilise some of the available funds for training.