Capacity Building Supports

Improved Living Arrangements

We believe that independence starts at home. So, we want to help you find a suitable place to live and call it home. Our trained staff can help you achieve Supported Independent Living (SIL).

What is this support about?

This support is about helping you find and maintain a suitable place to live. You can access short term and long-term accommodation (including shared living) or receive support in your current home.

What activities are funded?

If you have Improved Living Arrangements support in your NDIS plan, you can access a range of services designed to help you find and maintain a place to call home.

  • Help with a rental application
  • Support to maintain your tenancy
  • Help you navigate various housing option
  • Help you maintain a healthy place to live

How can Sustain Care help?

We can help you find and maintain a sustainable living arrangement in a short-term/long-term accommodation by:

  • Organising referral to specialist housing providers
  • Help you with the rental application
  • Help your move to the new home
  • Assist you to maintain your tenancy
  • Coordinate other specialist support

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