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We provide care to people with disability

Sustain Care is an Australian business helping people with disabilities. We provide a range of supports to NDIS participants with a focus on choice and control.

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What services do you offer?

Assistance with daily

We want to help you live your life as independently as possible. Support includes help around the house, meal preparation, personal care and respite care.

Assistance with Social and Community Activities

We understand that feeling part of a group is important to us as human. Therefore, we want to help you go out, meet people, enjoy yourself and try out new things.

Increased Social & Community Participation

We can help you increase your independence. We can assist you with community participation, personal care, nursing services, training, job and study support.

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Who are you?

We are a group of experienced Disability and Health professionals. 

We are skilled, enthusiastic and love what we do. We CARE about our clients and their goals. We believe that every person is unique and special. Therefore, we focus on person-centred support.

Our vision is to provide quality care using our diverse and qualified employee. We want to ensure people with disability feel empowered and have control in their daily lives. We currently serve clients in Melbourne and Launceston area.

Why should I choose you?


We care about our clients and their goals. Every person is unique and special to us.

Skilled Workers

We are experienced, enthusiastic and love what we do. We are also appropriately trained & certified.

Client Satisfaction

We know how much you care about your goals. We work to make you feel satisfied and accomplished.

20+ years of combined experience in the Disability & Nursing sector

We run our business with passion and dedication. We have on the ground experience and are highly trained to assist clients with all kind of needs.

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How do you work?

01. Get to know you

This is generally our first meeting. We will get to know you, your preferences and what works for you best. We will also work with you or the nominated person to learn more about your disability and medical requirements.​

02. Know your goals & needs

Your goals are important to us. We will work with you to understand your NDIS plan and shortlist your main goals during the plan period. Besides helping you achieve daily independence, our team will work with you to tick off some NDIS plan targets.

03. Co-design your support

You are at the centre of your support. Once we know your preferences and support needs, we will work with you to design service delivery. We'll pair you up with the most suitable care worker and create a support programme around your and your family's individual support needs.

04. Give you choice & control

We want to help you achieve your NDIS goals and live your life with choice and control. Therefore, throughout your plan period, we will work with you to measure success and ensure you can achieve your goals in a meaningful way. Remember, we'll be with you at every step of your journey.