Capacity Building Supports

Improved Learning

We understand that personal development and learning plays a huge part in our lives. It helps you increase your independence and enables choices. We are here to support your training, job and study goals.

What is this support about?

This service is about helping you gain education and training so you can live the life you want. Fund also includes activities that are designed to ‘help you gain education’.

What activities are funded?

If defined, your NDIS may fund various supports under this category. For example, a High School graduate moving to TAFE may need:

  • Support with the course application
  • Enrolment help
  • Setting up student accommodation
  • Help manage budget, time and study load
  • Transportation to and from your training centre

How can Sustain Care help?

We can take care of administrative tasks and support you during class attendance. Where possible, our support workers will help you with most of the tasks below. If not, we can connect you with other mainstream service providers.

  • Help you with course research and enrolment
  • Help you understand how everything works and go with you in classes
  • Help you with living arrangements, time management and budgeting
  • Provide travel to and from education centres

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