Capacity Building Supports

Increased Social & Community Participation

We can help you increase your independence. We can assist you with personal care, nursing services, training, job and study support.

What is this support about?

Increased Social & Community Participation is all about you and your choices. You can access your community for social and recreational purpose with this support. You can also get help to develop life skills, receive coaching, take part in group activities.

What activities are funded?

This support builds on your strengths and helps you kick goals. Take control of your life and try out new things.

  • Learn how to access public transportation
  • Recreational and leisure activities
  • Learn new skills such as cooking, art, woodwork
  • Take a supported holidays

How can Sustain Care help?

Our qualified and caring support workers accompany you in your quest for an independent and exciting life. We can also organise one on one or group therapy sessions for you through our partners.

  • Take you out on a social outing
  • Take you to exercise and therapy sessions
  • Work with you to build your independence
  • Teach you how to shop & cook for yourself

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